One of the places to go when you are getting ready to make picks within the National Football League is This is a great place to go, and they give their picks very easily. When you navigate to the website, the sign-up location is listed as a pop-up right at the front. All it takes is an email address and a name to sign up for their free pick. After that, like anything else – you must verify the address, and then you are good to go. You will receive a free pick on a daily basis from

The owner of the website; Kevin has an information section about the website. Kevin has run handicapping websites for many years, including MLB and NHL. Kevin discloses his win and loss record, which is a big plus for viewers to see how he has done in the past. Kevin releases small plays each week, which sometimes he gives away as free. Then, he makes his big plays, which he gives out to his paid clients. Those will be either 3 of 5 star plays.

Each star to Kevin is used as a unit. Each star or unit is 1% of his bankroll. So, for example, if Kevin had $2,000 in his bankroll, he would be wagering $100 on each unit, or star. Each of Kevin’s games are “risk to win” for example, with a game that includes -110 odds, for each 1.10 he risked, he would win 1 unit. So for a three star bet, he would be risking 3.3 units, and have the ability to win back 3.

The thing about Kevin – that some other places cannot claim is they are not particulary worried about what their “record” is. For them, it’s all about winning money. A bettor can have a great record, but may be behind money wise due to winning small bets, and losing large ones.

The way the site is organized, the newer articles will show up at the top. Each week in the National Football League, Kevin will place a little “blog” regarding his picks. At the end of the week, all of his picks that were released will be shared in this blog space. His dedicated bettors that are paying for his services will know the difference in which games he places or not.

The website is organized well, and places a disclaimer for all to read at the bottom. While Kevin is a professional at what he does, he is not responsible for what games you select to bet on. The amount of money you wager is also your descretion. also provides an email if viewers have questions regarding the service or a certain pick. Kevin’s service has been around for quite awhile, and if you enjoy his services with the National Football League – you may as well get into the fun with Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League. This is a great place to get NFL Picks, and one we highly recommend.

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